Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good Morning, Garden

Anise Hyssop

We got off to a late start in the garden this spring.  There were plants I should have put in the ground sooner and seeds that didn't germinate and had to be sown again.  We had visions for a bigger landscape plan that haven't come to fruition yet.  And we've been talking a lot about what we want to do next year.  But when I'm thinking about what I should have done and feeling overwhelmed by how much we want to do, I am reminded of a passage from The One-Straw Revolution:

"But when trying to grasp the meaning of nature with a wide and far-reaching vision, he fails to notice the small things happening at his feet."


This year's magic beans that were so slow to get started have reached the top of their teepee.  

Flowering Bean

Carrots that I seeded and reseeded after they got trampled by dogs are growing vigorously and need to be thinned now.

Tiny Carrots

A volunteer, mystery squash/pumpkin/gourd is taking over half a garden bed and finally starting to fruit!

In the Jungle Garden

Borage is making its lovely little blue flowers on delicate, hairy stems.


Last year's parsley is happily going to seed.

Parsley Gone to Seed

Of the twenty-some seeds I planted, just three Calendula plants germinated . . . and yet look how many flowers are opening up to the light each morning!

Calendula, just opening up

Our broccoli crop is rather sad looking this year, but we've still enjoyed many delicious florets.

Unhappy Broccoli

The uncomplaining onions are thriving.


Kale keeps giving and giving (and I am reminded that last year we ate our final kale salad from the garden on Christmas day).

Kale & Cabbage

Tomatoes are still tiny and green; but they sure look beautiful suspended on the vine in the morning light.

Green Tomatoes

Basil doesn't like cold nights; but we've already made a few batches of pesto.


Czech black pepper flowers are absolutely exquisite.

Czech Black Pepper Plant

Time to make sauerkraut!


And the raspberries?  My little garden helpers have been filling their bowls and hands for weeks!

Handful of Raspberries

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