Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome Home, Birds!

Chicken Door

We had a chicken housewarming party tonight!  Although Amabel and Ellen really wanted to continue using the coop as a playhouse, we all agreed that it was time for the birds to move into their permanent dwelling.  So we rolled their outgrown dog cage outside for the last time and marched down the hill in a happy procession.  The girls helped spread chicken bedding and set up a roosting branch, and then they carefully transferred all the chickens into their new digs.  

Goodbye Dog Cage


Chicken Coop

Thanks to many hours of labor on Jeffrey's part (and still more to come), our chickens have a state-of-the-art home.  Our neighbor, who works as a builder, came over at one point to ask (jokingly) if we had a building permit.  "That's way too nice for chickens," he said.  "You could live in there!"  As Jeffrey's cousin said, you have to be careful when you ask an architectural designer to build a chicken coop.  I promise to give you a full tour when it is all finished.  In the meantime, I hope the birds appreciate their living arrangements!

New Digs

If you happen to be wondering about Harry and Nancy . . . no, the terriers were not invited to the party.  Let's just say we're still working on our dog—chicken relations.  And if you are also wondering what is all over Ellen's face in these pictures . . . the girls picked mulberries for the celebration to share with the birds.  Because a housewarming party just wouldn't be complete without refreshments!


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