Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Birthday Making

Little Dude

One of our favorite children's books is Phewtus the Squirrel by V. H. Drummond, the story of a little boy named Julian and his beloved knitted squirrel.  Inspired by cousin Julien's recent birthday and his delight in this book, we made a doll and squirrel set for him last week. 

The doll pattern is from Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls (Again, yes.  I have not tired of using her lovely patterns!).  We have made three or four versions of this particular doll (his name is Eddie in the book).  The doll comes together so quickly, and I think it is genius to transform an outgrown child's knit shirt into a doll shirt!  This little striped shirt was "upcycled" from Amabel's very favorite jammie shirt that completely wore out in the elbows.  She was so happy to see it brought to life again!  

The squirrel is based loosely on this bunny knitting pattern.  We just eliminated the ears and added an i-cord tail.


The girls and I throughly enjoyed making Julien's birthday gifts and we were very excited to take them to his party at Gousty.



Cousin Play

But I must admit that once the doll was opened, all the cousins much preferred a bunch of balloons, a tub of good old playdoh, and a romp around Grandmommy and Grandfather's beautiful Gousty gardens!

Play Dogh

Play Dough Boys

Up to the Swing





Hammock Girls

Plume Poppies


Harry & E

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