Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lemonade for Sale

Lemonade Sale

Cousin Cora invited Amabel and Ellen over to take advantage of the Cherry Festival crowds in town this week.  The girls sold lemonade, cookies, and bracelets for three hours straight . . . with only one minor melt down when business was slow.  I sat in the shade, watching this enthusiastic little team skip back and forth down the sidewalk—calling out and waving to passersby.  

Lemonade for Sale

I sat there thinking about these girls growing up together.  They share things in ways that only cousins can.  They can take turns being in charge, following along, listening carefully, talking loudly, sharing happily, arguing passionately . . . all in the safety of family.  I'm so grateful for that: for the family that surrounds us and gives us so many opportunities to learn to live well together.


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