Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fishing Together

Getting Ready

On Friday, we followed Chris, Lara, and Julien down a long, winding two-track through the National Lakeshore, to a hidden gem of a lake where Chris took the girls on a long-awaited fishing trip.

The First Catch

E & Chris

I had never been to this peaceful place before, but Chris knows this lake well.  Actually I think he knows the best spots to fish in every little lake within 10 miles of Gousty.  He has been fishing regularly since he was ten years old, but to watch his enthusiasm with the children, you'd never think he's caught thousands of bass, bluegill, perch, sunfish (and many others, I am sure).  His love for fishing is contagious.  As he handed over the rods to the girls, I watched Amabel and Ellen immediately gaining confidence as they became absorbed in watching for their bobbers to "dance" on the surface of the beautiful, silent lake (no motors allowed).


The Crew

And Julien?  Well, he is already a little expert himself!  Within just a few minutes, he showed Amabel and Ellen how to reel in a shiny Bluegill.


Fish On!


After a successful round of fishing, we paused for a picnic lunch; Chris donned his fly gear; and the children went exploring in the reeds.

Fly Fishing


Swamp Flower

On the Log

A Frog!

June's Frog

As we were catching frogs, the wind changed direction and the cloud cover started to darken.  But the girls didn't want to stop fishing.  And it's a good thing we stayed a bit longer, because as a light sprinkle fell upon the lake, the fish really started to bite.  Amabel caught a lovely Bass, a Pumpkinseed Sunfish, and then a nice size Perch.  Chris showed us how to carefully extract the hooks and release all the fish back into their shimmering home.

Sun Fish

Little E


Just as we ran out of night crawlers, I could feel a definite shift in the air.  We quickly packed up and said our goodbyes.  As soon as our cars were out of the woods and we had turned on M-22, the sky opened up.  We drove home in a deluge—the rush of water around us nearly downing out Ellen's happy songs about the rain and the fish and the lake.

The Lake

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