Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meadowlark Strawberries

In Search of the Perfect Berry

Yesterday we visited Meadowlark Farm and spent a delicious hour in the strawberry patch with family and friends.  Amidst all the picking and munching, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of these beautiful strawberry-headed girls in their element!

Big Berry

Strawberry Girl

We have the privilege of being a part of the magical place known as Meadowlark.  We are ever-grateful CSA members, nourished by the food and friends that grow here.  Every time we visit, I get nostalgic because of the history we share with Jenny and Jon, the farmers; Ella and Eli, their children; and the many wonderful people who work on this land.  Meadowlark is truly a community farm.  Every time we pull up and Amabel and Ellen jump out of the car, we are immediately welcome.  Welcome to wander about; welcome to ask questions; welcome to stay a while and help out.  And—yesterday—welcome to explore the rows of incredibly plump strawberries to our heart's content!  

Berry Buds


Berry Basket

As part of my senior thesis project in college, I visited twenty organic farms in Northwest Michigan.  I interviewed the farmers and tried to capture the essence of each unique family and place on the map.  I remember then being particularly struck by the underlying spirit of abundance present at Meadowlark Farm.  This abundant spirit is reflected not only in their beautiful produce and healthy land—but also in the time this family gives so freely to visitors.  When we come to pick up our vegetables in the coldest months of the year (Meadowlark provides winter and spring shares too!), I always hope I will happen to cross paths with Jenny or Jon.  I always have questions; and I am always in awe of how they share the gifts of their land and their incredible work with so many local families.  To them—this is the work they do every day.  To me—this is one of the most honorable livelihoods imaginable.  And they do it with such grace and joy.

Strawberry Patch

Thank you, Meadowlark, for nourishing our family and so many others.  (And, yes, you may have noticed that Amabel decided to fill her dress with strawberries after her carton was overflowing!) 

Use your Dress!

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