Sunday, June 2, 2013


O Dandelion

The dandelions were out in full glory last week.  One evening, after a particularly long series of humbling events, I stretched out in our carpet of thyme with the camera and watched a mass of white heads disperse, as Amabel's breath sent their glowing seeds across the hill. 

That's what I want to do this summer: send some of my old ideas, leftover intentions, and outgrown commitments soaring across the sky . . . and let the wind carry them away.  Maybe they will land and take root somewhere else.  But right now, I need a little more space in my consciousness.  I need to clear away the seed heads of a host of winter dreams and make room for new growth.

Harry's Bling

(Harry, sporting a little bling, was also watching Amabel that lovely evening.)

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