Monday, June 17, 2013

Chicken Conversation

Chicken Girl

I love watching our girls with their chickens.  Amabel and Ellen are constantly naming, renaming, and otherwise attaching human-ish identities to the birds.  And the birds are amazingly tolerant and docile with their little handlers.  If time would allow (and a certain terrier would cooperate), I could watch them all day.

Chicken Buddies

Can't you just imagine the conversation between these two?!

Chicken Conversation

The truth is, we are total chicken novices around here.  We didn't even read a book about chickens before we took the plunge, and we are still debating about their living situation (chicken tractor or no chicken tractor; free range or confinement?).  In the meantime, we have been moving their cage (a retro-fitted old dog crate) in and out of our walk-out basement each day, while Jeffrey finishes the coop and I train the dog.  Jeffrey is doing his part, but I haven't been as diligent.  Although I am still hoping that Harry will become a stellar livestock guard dog, I admit that this might be total wishful thinking on my part.  It is very possible that Harry will forever be a predator rather than a protector.  I wonder if anyone out there in the world of the internet has experience with Irish Terriers and chickens?  Anyone wish to pass on words of advice?

Harry is okay if I am right there next to him, reminding him not to get too close with his mouth; but I don't trust him alone.  Consequently, he has been getting a lot of early morning and late evening walks, when the chickens are still in.  How we are going to make the transition to chickens outside full time with Harry around, I'm not quite sure.  I hope we all survive it.

Mr. Irish Terrier

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