Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Paul

Gazing Up

Harry's brother, Paul, came for a visit this evening.  Okay, so we're not sure if this sweet little pup is actually Harry's brother.  Half-brother—maybe.  Honorary brother—for sure!  The girls fell in love with Paul.  They were barely willing to share him with big brother Harry.  

Puppy Love

Our friends, Hillary and Matt, generously let the girls pamper their puppy, even allowing Amabel and Ellen to snuggle Paul up in a doll bed.  I knew the girls would be excited to spend time with a pup, but I hadn't imagined how utterly taken they would be.  When we were talking about Paul after his visit, Amabel was adamant that Harry was never that small.  She really, truly didn't believe me until I showed her photos of little Harry last summer.  At first Amabel said, "No!  That's not Harry—that's Paul!"  But then she looked closer and couldn't dispute the fact: our Harry has grown up.

Puppy Play


Oh, puppy love!  We hope Paul and his family will come back again soon!

Little Paul

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