Monday, April 22, 2013

An Unhurried Spring

Pussy Willows

This slow spring has primed us to be grateful—ever so grateful—for each gradual change as it happens outside.  New birds visiting the feeder.  Spring peepers!  Shy bulbs peeking up out of the earth.  Swelling buds on sleepy trees.

In a month, the grasses in front of our house will be up to Ellen's shoulders.  The shrubs and vines and trees will be thick with leaves; it will be a virtual jungle for little people.  But today, the meadow belongs to them.  With the snow finally melted and the sun warm, our meadow has become a place of new-found wonder.  What freedom!  This afternoon the girls discovered new stumps to play on, new places to hide, and new trees to climb.  While they wandered about, I noticed details that got lost in last year's incredibly warm March and April.  See the girls in the orchard—exactly a year ago!    

This is a different sort of spring.  An unhurried spring.  And it is exactly the sort of spring we need.  

Little E goes exploring


Spring Meadow

Spring Smells

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