Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Rosalind


First Skye, now Rosalind!

A friend asked about all the doll making going on over here recently, and I explained to her that sewing dolls is a new thing for me.  For a long time I was very intimidated by the idea.  But after making my first two dolls in December, I realized that it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought.  And once Amabel and Ellen watched me make a doll from start to finish, they took an interest in the whole process and wanted to be involved.  A doll really makes a wonderful project—when I remember to pace myself and work in stages (which is admittedly hard to do when a little girl is eagerly awaiting a new friend!).  

Rosie with Map

As far as the specifics go, Rosalind was based on the same pattern as Skye, but she looks remarkably different because of her fabric, face, and hair (with each doll we learn a bit more!).  I've only used Wee Wonderful patterns so far for making dolls, and I highly recommend them for beginners because they are very simply written and not at all intimidating.  As an added bonus, the 16-inch dolls fit into most of the doll clothes we already have around our house (although clothing patterns are included with the dolls, we haven't made many clothes yet).  Another thing that I'm continually learning is how to use materials we already have on hand or can find at the thrift store.  Men's dress shirts are particularly nice for recycling (this is a tip I learned from my Mom).  And miscellaneous skeins of yarn—that aren't quite good enough or big enough for knitting projects—make great hair.


After Rosalind was finished, she was introduced to all her fellow pupils at doll school.  Then Amabel had the idea to dress up the dolls for "picture day."  She carefully arranged a background while Ellen lined everyone up.  I found the whole process of taking photos of dolls and other creatures pretty hilarious and wanted to share the results with you in the form of a mosaic.  Now all the dolls have miniature pictures of themselves, suitable for trading and sharing!  Can you pick out which doll decided to change outfits and return for a second photo?

Doll Mosaic

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