Friday, March 22, 2013


Spring Garden!

It's still white outside.  Very white.  But this week, in celebration of the first day of spring, we had to seek out some dirt (and make a few messes in the process!).  First, there was a little kitchen table project: tiny inside gardens with wheatgrass seed, cherry twig trees, and a few other surprises thrown in for good measure.

Fun the Greenhouse

And then today we had an adventure to our dear friend's greenhouse.  Tucked behind a mountain of snow is a secret balmy world—the beginnings of Reid's organic summer bounty.  What a wonderful place to shed our winter layers, plant our first seed babies, catch up with a friend, and take Skye and Rosalind out to play!  Everyone came home wet, dirty, and very happy.  Have you ever seen children so full of joy just to take off their coats and boots and splash in muddy puddles?


Bare Feet!

Sister Love

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