Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blackbird Arts


On Tuesday afternoons for the past two months, Ellen and I took a mother and child yoga class while Amabel enjoyed a mixed-media clay class.  Our teachers at Blackbird Arts were fantastic and the classes were a highlight of our especially wintery winter.  Not only did we appreciate the warm, welcoming creative art and studio spaces—we also made wonderful new friends and renewed a couple of friendships!  

Drying her Collage

Each week after our yoga class with other mamas and little ones, Ellen would take my hand and lead me down the hall so that we could peek into the art room and watch the older children absorbed in their work.  On the last day of class, she and I snuck in to capture a few photos!

Ellen Watches

Here Phil, one of the teachers, is instructing the children in making prints.  It is a sort of gift, I think, to give children just the right amount of guidance and then allow them to fly on their own.  In this class, young children were given real tools and techniques to create with confidence.  I love the look of concentration on all their faces.

A little Help from Phil

Making a Print

And how wonderful to work in a space like this—where inevitable creative mess-making is fully embraced!  We're planning to return to Blackbird Arts next week and try a new class or two . . .


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