Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Adventure on the Ice

The Lake to Herself

Watching Amabel ice skating on North Lake Leelanau was breathtaking.  A slight thaw and then refreeze—combined with just enough wind to blow the snow off patches of ice—made for excellent conditions. 

On the Lake

Ice skating on the lake yesterday was particularly magical after reading a beautiful book: Twelve Kinds of Ice written by Ellen Bryan Obed and illustrated by Barbara McClintock.  If you have children who love to skate (or if you are an adult who loves to skate!), we highly recommend this lyrical story.



We went out on the lake to go ice fishing with our neighbor Mike again, and Harry even came along this time!  Harry did not like the slick patches of ice.  He couldn't get used to the feeling under his paws.  And when Amabel went too far away from him out on the ice, he would bark until she came back on a snowy spot to reassure her furry guardian.

Harry Leaping

Speeding Along

Harry Bows

Time to Warm Up

Inside the ice shanty, Ellen was even more excited about fishing this time and especially delighted with a mud puppy she reeled up and watched slither around.  Her favorite part was watching him slip back into the greenish glow of water and swim away!

Mud Puppy

All-in-all it was another beautiful and successful day on the ice with our generous neighbor!  It's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner and someday soon this will all seem like a distant dream . . .

Mike and The Girls

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