Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Sunshine

Queen Anne

We've been blessed with two gloriously sunny Saturday mornings in a row (and snow every single day in between).  I think it's almost impossible to take the sun for granted when it hasn't made an appearance for a whole week! 

Frozen Blackberries

Frosty Knapweed

Thanks to all the snow we've had this winter, Amabel is getting lots of practice on skis, and she is becoming very good at going up and down hills.  Watching her learn to ski has been one of my great joys this season.  Not only is she growing in balance and confidence, but in stamina too.  The first few times we went out, I really had to coax her along.  But now she asks me if we can go skiing and once we're gliding along, she wants to down all the big hills!  

Growing up, I spent many, many hours skiing with my younger brother and our dogs.  We explored the forests and fields all around Gousty, traveling miles and miles on skis.  I have particularly wonderful memories of sliding noiselessly through the woods in the moonlight.  Cross-country skiing is still my favorite quiet way to explore the winter world, and I'm so grateful that Amabel is finding her own love for being outside on skis.

Down through the Woods


Last Saturday one of our neighbors saw us skiing along with Ellen in tow, and he decided that Harry should be put to work.  He pulled out a harness from his garage, et voila—Harry the sled dog!

Harry the Sled Dog

Harry made a valiant effort to play the part, but in the end we took turns helping our Irish Terrier pull his load of skis and girls up the hill!

Up the Hill

E & Harry

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