Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year


A New Year.  I love this week of family, quiet, and reflection.  Time to return the stack of Christmas library books.  Take down the tree.  Rearrange rooms.  Make lists.  Share gratitude.  Write letters.  Read.  Put our home into order and prepare our spaces—physically and mentally—for the seasons ahead.

Christmas Books

We are entering the new year with much joy.  To say that we are excited about our days together homeschooling this winter is an understatement!  Jeffrey and I will continue to take turns doing lessons with Amabel.  We have excellent curriculums, books galore, project materials, a well-stocked game closet (thanks to generous family members), and two endlessly curious little girls!  Amabel and Ellen will continue to come with me to choir rehearsals, which they loved watching (and listening to) last fall.  Both girls will also take classes at Blackbird Arts in Traverse City.  I'm looking forward to part-time work with the Leelanau Conservancy.  Jeffrey is occupied with his architectural design and illustration work, as well as an upcoming website.  And we will celebrate Ellen's fourth birthday this month!


We hope there will be many more snowy walks, cross-country skiing adventures, sled rides, and ice skating trips during the coming weeks.  There is a sweet little ice rink in our village, and Amabel is becoming an enthusiastic ice skater!

Snow Home

I look forward to sharing more stories and projects, photos and reflections here with you in 2013.  Happy New Year, friends and family!  


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