Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creating with Wool

At our cozy old house in town (built in 1905, I believe), we had a little moth problem.  Much to my dismay, a clan of tiny, sneaky moth babies devoured some of our favorite wool garments, leaving behind un-mendable holes.  I couldn't bear to part with the sweaters, and so in an effort to repurpose them someday, I felted them up in the wash.  That was three or four years ago, and since then they've mostly stayed tucked away in a box (except for the occasional project like Ellen's dragon costume last fall.  Did I tell you that Harry fit into it this year?  Ellen discovered this herself when rooting through the dress-up box for a costume in October.  Hilarious!).


Okay, so it was a little tight.  Don't worry, we didn't make him wear it for more than a few minutes!

Dragon Dog

Well then a couple of weeks ago I happened upon this advent tree project—just about the time when Amabel and I found ourselves in need of a day of rest on the couch—and immediately thought of all those felted sweaters, waiting in their box.  A lot of cutting and hand sewing ensued, and the result was an advent forest: 24 simple trees under which the girls hope to discover little treasures this month!  I like them because they remind me of my old, loved sweaters and especially because we created something together that be used over and over again to welcome the Christmas season.  The girls like them because all kinds of things can hide under these trees; they've already been used by the dollhouse dolls and animals for a round of hide-and-seek!

Advent Trees

When making the trees, we used a few other scraps of fabric (besides wool) and added some embellishments.  Each tree has a layer of interfacing ironed on inside so that it stands up nicely.  Now that our wooly forest is complete, it's time for me to get going in earnest on a little secret sewing machine project.  More on that soon!



We're going to be sharing some of our recent projects here on the blog over the next few weeks in the spirit of creating and sharing!

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