Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Beach


There she goes, down the beach with Harry Harrison close behind.  How I love this girl.  So unconsciously graceful, so full of life—especially here, in this open space.  So wise as she takes it all in: watching, listening, and soaking up the world with her whole being.  


When I most need patience with my firstborn child, I hold this image of her in my heart—an image of Amie on the beach.


But, lest we get too serious, the beach also provides an outlet for wild games and a healthy dose of laughs.  One moment, I'm looking in one direction, musing away, storing up images for the winter.  And the next moment I'm chasing a pair of adolescent terriers, playing tug-of-war with a ripe fish head (oh, the stink!).

Fish Head, anyone?

And preventing little ones from getting too wet on a chilly afternoon.


And then just following them around and enjoying their antics in this beautiful, beautiful place.  Oh, for the love of sisters!  For the love of the beach!



(This was last Monday. . .)

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