Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Red Beds

Kitty Bed

This is a beautiful set of doll bunk beds that was hiding downstairs in Jeffrey's basement workshop this afternoon.  When I went down to put a load of laundry in the washer, I looked over to see that Miss Mitty had discovered it.  She thought, apparently, that the bottom bunk was for her (lovely bedding and all, made by Grandmommy)—perfectly placed in a patch of sunlight.

We called the girls inside: "Amabel, Miss Mitty found your birthday present in the basement.  Go down and see if you can find her!"  It was about the sweetest thing to watch the girls come upon their kitty asleep in a kitty-sized bunk.

Bunk Beds

When I tucked Amabel in tonight, after a full day of play and family festivities, I asked if she had a favorite birthday gift.  "The bunk beds that Papa made," she said without hesitation.

Of course.  She'd been wondering what he was doing down there over the past couple of weeks.  Both Ellen and I managed to keep a secret, knowing that Jeffery was hard at work, cutting up the wood from an old bed we'd inherited from my dear uncle Wally, and making it into two little new beds. 

I have many intentions to make lovely handmade things for the girls.  And I do make some, mostly tiny things (although the knitted mouse I started for Amabel's birthday is still unfinished on my needles).  But Jeffrey gives so much thought to his ideas, and he carries out his plans to a beautiful finish.  He has a deep creativity and perseverance that I admire so very much.  And his handmade gifts have been the most loved and used things the girls have received over the years.  

The red beds were a most perfect gift for Amabel today—because she loves to play with her dolls, but also because Amabel shares her Papa's love for a good project. At age seven, she already seems to intuitively know how to envision a creative idea and then work diligently at it (even if her projects are still seven-year-old-size).  I love that about her.  

And I love how Jeffrey shares his gifts with our girls.

Red Beds

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