Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank You, Garden

All summer long our garden has been blessing us with its abundance.  Even though our harvest this year is far from over, the end of August seems like a lovely time to pause and say thank you.

Big Kale

Thank you, Garden, for the kale: my most favorite vegetable, growing like a lush palm-tree jungle out there.


Thank you, Garden, for arm-loads of basil: for all the pesto in our bellies and in our freezer and in the homes of our dear friends.


Thank you, Garden, for the sunflowers: the girls marvel at how tall they have grown, how the bees love them so, and how they really do make seeds for the birds.

Chinese Cabbage

Thank you, Garden, for the cabbage: our second planting that has grown into robust heads after a rough start and is now almost ready to be made into Jeffrey's delicious sauerkraut.

Sun Golds

Thank you, Garden, for a never-ending supply of sun gold tomatoes: how I love to watch the girls come running around the corner of the house with dress-loads of their golden goodness!

Chech Black Peppers

Thank you, Garden, for the peppers: they've made our pizzas, our salsas, and our sauces absolutely delicious.  Hopefully I've left enough for pickling. . .

Baby Russian Sage

Thank you, Garden, for your surprises: like the baby Russian Sage plant that snuck in alongside a poppy transplanted from my parents' garden in the spring.


Thank you, Garden, for the flowers: every single day the insects have a feast and we have a rainbow of color brightening our home.

Bronze Fennel

Thank you, Garden, for the herbs: the thyme, the cilantro, the parsley, the bronze fennel, the dill—have all graced our dishes.


Thank you, Garden, for flowers that keep blooming: the more the girls pick them, the more and more blossoms seem to appear.

Apricot Tree

Thank you, Garden, for our apricot tree: for its lush growth despite this hot, dry summer.

Raspberry Bushes

Thank you, Garden, for our baby raspberry bushes tucked away down the hill: for helping them grow strong, even when we left them mostly to themselves.

Harry & Amie

Thank you, Garden, for nourishing our family—our bodies and our souls—all summer long.

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