Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten Things

In the spirit of Soule Mama, I would like to share my "ten things."  
Ten things I love today:

Big Head

1. Terrier humor: especially amusing on days when we all need a good laugh.  I mean, who can resist that head?!


2. My brother and sister-in-law and their boy: the enthusiasm, the love, the learning.  Having them here all summer.  Getting to watch two-year-old wonder all over again.


3. Amabel's collections: I just never know what I'll find in her room.  Here we have a tiffany's box filled with tiny rocks and berries (i.e., trail mix for the dolls).

That dog again

4. That dog again: have I told you how much I love having a dog or two following me around everywhere?

Butterfly Weed

5. Butterfly Weed: we started from seed.  There is something wonderfully rewarding about starting plants in the early spring months and watching them slowly come to fruition.


6. Echinacea: we brought from our old house in town.  These flowers will always remind me of our move.


7. Dog training: when little girls take it upon themselves to teach the puppies their commands.  I was on the phone when the girls took Nancy outside (with their fists full of treats) to practice "come."


8. Books: the stack next to my bed.  I'm especially loving Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, which is giving me even more appreciation for the introverts in my life.

Watercolor boxes

9. Reusing watercolor paintings: and all the other wonderful project idea from alphabet glue.  I've been saving a pile of beautiful wet-on-wet watercolor paintings the girls created over the years.  Finally I've found the perfect project to give them new life.

Garlic: July

10. Garlic: and all the abundant gifts from our garden this summer.  So much goodness growing out there.

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