Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shop Keepers

I'll Take A Tomato

If you would have visited our house last Monday afternoon, you would have been greeted by five friendly shop keepers, two eager puppies, and one reluctant kitty—all trotting back and forth from the garden to a little table filled with produce and flowers for sale.  Truthfully, it was a small miracle that I managed to take a few photos during all the excitement.  Especially considering that I was the only customer until my sister came to retrieve her three children!


Serious Business

Nevertheless, this was a serious business.  The whole thing was Philena's idea, and she kept careful track of the money.  All of her workers got an even share of coins (except for 18-month-old Charlie who was more interested in eating everything than selling anything).

Sampling Some Grapes


To be fair, he did help wash off the vegetables.


Tait took his responsibility very seriously, even briefly wearing an apron like the girls.  He took the apron off after it got soaked by the hose (momentarily forgetting that he was washing off carrots and drenching his smiling brother instead).

Little Man in an Apron

Ellen decided that Mitty needed to visit the shop.  Unlike our two plant-loving dogs, the cat was not interested in carrots, radishes, tomatoes, pumpkins, flowers, or even wild grapes.

Mitty Customer

By the closing time, everyone was dirty and happy, and I had changed Charlie out of three saturated shirts.  Bliss!

Nice Eyebrows!

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