Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making Books

Tiny Book

Remember Nancy?  Nancy and the rest of the doll family have acquired quite an extensive library this summer.  Since Amabel seems more interested in teaching the dolls to read than in reading herself, we decided to make a few tiny books together.

Ella's Journal

I've had a love affair with book making since high school.  I'm sure many of my family members remember receiving crude little folded, glued, and stitched books that I made over the years.  Well, when I recently discovered the creative goodness of alphabet glue, my love for making books was reignited.  Annie's magazines are filled with wonderful book-making activities for parents and children alike. 

Little Books

We've discovered this summer that tiny books are good for so many things: reading and writing tiny words; housing tiny drawings; and storing special tiny photographs.  And they aren't just for dolls.  So be on the lookout: a tiny book may be coming your way soon!

Mini Story

Tiny Photos

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