Sunday, August 12, 2012

Growing Together


This little guy is only up in Michigan for two more days.  Then he will travel back to New Orleans with his mama and papa for the academic year.  We savor our summer months with his family—every dinner, every conversation, every trip to the beach.  He has grown so much just since the first week of June. . . and it will be hard to say goodbye, not knowing quite when we'll see him next.  

I realize that many families go through this: being apart from loved ones during the early years of tremendous growth and learning.  But we are ever so fortunate to live close to all of the girls' cousins—all the cousins except for little Julien.  And there is something about that looming distance that has made me extra nostalgic this summer.  Perhaps it is knowing how different he will be next summer, at three?  At three, he probably won't want Ellen to follow him around the dinner table with a fork, feeding him bites of salmon and rice.  At three, he might not laugh every time he says the word "peanuts."  At three, he may not actually eat the spicy radishes and the lavender and the oregano he picks fresh from the garden (Then again, who's to say?  Maybe the youngest forager in our family will maintain his distinguished tastes!).

And then there is the endless, enthusiastic love between this little boy and his father (his father who also happens to be my big brother—the brother who teased me relentlessly and then became one of my very best friends).  The love between the two of them certainly won't disappear over the coming year, but I will certainly miss watching it.  I will miss that very much indeed.

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