Friday, August 17, 2012

August Light

Russian Sage

Dearest August Light, 

How I love to watch you filter down in the evening,
turning the over-grown jungle of a garden 
into the most magical of places—

Bronze Fennel

illuminating the flowers and seed heads,
decorating colors and patterns,
as you generously scatter your beads of radiance.


All summer long you've graced us with your warmth.
And now as the evenings come sooner, 
you remind me to hold on just a bit tighter 
to this lingering season
of abundance.


8 feet tall




And a note for the garden savvy: all these beauties are growing at parents' home, known as Gousty.  Jeffrey and I try to soak up as much garden wisdom as we can every time we visit—while children and dogs race around and around in delight!

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