Friday, July 27, 2012

Nancy One, Nancy Two

Nancy One

This is a doll that came from an art market we visited a couple of weeks ago.  At $7, her polka-dot body and bright red hair combo was very hard for mother and daughter alike to resist.  Amabel immediately named the doll Nancy—after Grandmommy's dog, of course.   


Grandmommy's dog, Nancy—otherwise known as Harry's sister—seems to have taken up residence at our house.  We're calling it camp, but who knows what that really means.  Fortunately, these two furry creatures are best buds, which means that they spend a lot of time chewing on one another.  But does it get confusing to have two Nancies in the house, you may ask?  Yes, indeed. 

Posey & Nancy

To remedy the double Nancy problem, the last time we were at my parent's house, Amabel and Ellen tiptoed up to their favorite place—Grandmommy's sewing room.  When they came back downstairs, Nancy the doll had a new friend: Posy.  (Oh, just a mere 20 minutes of Grandmommy's handiwork.)  And now we have Nancy and Harry and Nancy and Posy: two perfect pairs that are keeping us very busy!   

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