Saturday, July 14, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

Bloggers know how much behind-the-scenes work goes into creating and maintaining a blog.  Sometimes, though, we forget because we're so in the midst of it.  After getting a few peeks into my sister-in-law Kim's latest project, I was reminded how much time and energy is involved (and her blog is much, much more elaborate that mine will ever be).  Her new site, which is a collaborative effort between Kim and a few of her savvy Northern Michigan friends, is Northern Swag—a place filled with reflections on local people, places, eats, and happenings.

I am continually inspired by Kim's enthusiasm for photography and how she is always getting out to discover the beautiful places and the up-and-coming spots in our area.  And of course, she aways travels with her camera in hand.  Not to mention the fact that her daughter, Cora, might be the best possible travel companion and photography model around!

Sometimes friends in the the blog-o-sphere feel so far away, and so it is especially lovely for me to have a friend and family member blogging close by.  If you're in the area and you happen to be in the same place as Kim—with a camera around her neck—you might just get the honor of finding yourself on her beautiful new site!

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