Saturday, June 23, 2012

40 Friday Photos

36 of 40 Friday Photos

Last June my dear friend Jenny invited me to join her 40 Friday Photos project.  As it turns out, this has been a wonderful way to chronicle our first year here: from one season's lavender to the next.  And what a year it has been!  

This year we have watched Amabel and Ellen grow into greater confidence outside, which is just what we were hoping for when we moved last summer.  The wild places right outside our doors have transformed their little spirits in quiet—but essential—ways.  Just this morning, Amabel and I took Harry, our pup, for a sunrise walk.  As we walked up through the woods we saw a huge family of deer ambling past on their way to the orchard.  Standing by my side, Amabel watched them, awed and unafraid.  We didn't need to say much: it was enough just to be there, together.  For the moments like these each day, I am so grateful.

As I look back on my friday photos from over the past year, I can see how I take pictures of the things I love. . . over and over again.  In this way, photography is a sort of prayer, a practice of gratitude for me—for our children and all the beauty in our life.  And sharing it with you, family and friends who visit this space, has become a peaceful part of my weekly routine.  Thank you all, for your kind words over the past year!  And Happy Summer!

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