Friday, May 11, 2012



When we went to pick up our spring veggie share at Meadowlark Farm two weeks ago, I discovered a crate of uprooted fuzzy green plants and a hand-written sign: Chamomile Plants for Your Garden.

I smiled in a quiet sort of way as I pick up two of the modest chamomile babies.  This is one of my very favorite gifts—garden plants with a history, pulled up, roots and all, and transported carefully from one home to another.  We gladly transported those babies back to our house where they found a new home. 

The chamomile now grows within view of our strawberries, which also originated on the beautiful Meadowlark Farm.  Last fall, Jenny and Jon gave us a housewarming gift: strawberry plants propagated from their own lush berry patches.  Eight summers ago, when Jeffrey and I were engaged, I spent a few days a week helping out on Meadowlark Farm.  Perhaps I even ate strawberries from the grandmothers of the strawberry plants we now have growing next to our own house—growing berries that our children will delight in this spring.  Thank you, Meadowlark family, for sharing your abundance.

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