Monday, May 28, 2012

Puppy Visit

Amie & Pup

Here they are: six Irish Terrier puppies, six weeks old, with lovely Mama Red.  The girls were thrilled to be in the middle of a pile of puppies!  At one point, cousin Cora had all six of them crawling over her!  It is amazing how the puppies have grown over the past two weeks since we last visited.  Their little beards are starting to grow and their personalities seem more distinct.  Rosie is still the smallest and Moose is still the biggest, but they all seem closer in size now.  

Zane, Elle, & Pup

Lots of Pups

Pup Play

Sweet Face

Mama Red is quite the patient mother.  Patient but firm.  She let all those pups (with needle sharp teeth) nurse for a few minutes, and then when she was done, she was done!

Six Nursing Pups

More, Mama?

In a few more weeks, if all goes as planned, one of the little boy pups will be coming to live with us.  We may even get to dog sit Mama Red for a few days as well!

Mama Red

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