Friday, April 27, 2012

Tiny Food

We make a lot of food around here.  Food that we eat around our table every day, of course; but inedible food too.  Once upon a time we made sushi out of play-doh.  Before that I needle felted a plate of lunch.  And now the joy of creating tiny food lives on in our house.

Matchbox Lunch Box

The most recent medium is craft foam.  I hadn't really paid attention to this stuff until one of Amabel's craft books called for it.  Jeffrey took the girls on errands and they returned with a bunch of thin rubbery foam sheets, a package of mini pony beads, and some little silk flowers.  Amabel immediately started making food for her dolls.  Then she surprised me, on my birthday, with a miniature lunch in a matchbox (she saw a similar idea in Family Fun magazine—a tiny, edible lunch).  Since then, she often disappears into her room for an hour or so and comes out with another item to add to her growing menu.

Lunch Trays
Mini Lunch Tray
Ellen tries her best to join in.  But her little fingers can't quite work the scissors yet.  So, mostly she watches and then enjoys the fruits of Amabel's labor.

Meal in a box

And well, I couldn't resist.  I had to try my hand at making matchbox sushi with this new material.  For no doll restaurant is complete without a sushi counter!

Matchbox Sushi

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