Friday, March 30, 2012


Spring Beauties

On this chilly spring day we went to visit our friends and their baby goats.  We brought the goats outside of the barn—into the light for photos.  Although the babies didn't want to be out in snow for very long, we managed to get a few pictures of the kids holding kids.  Spending time with the little creatures reminded me of when I was young and desperately wanted a goat.  After coming across a goat for sale advertisement I convinced my parents to drive to a farm and visit the adorable kid named "Joseph."  We didn't live on a farm ourselves or have any suitable animal outbuildings, but I came up with a big plan for turing half of our garage into a pen and raising the goat myself (not realizing, of course, what life would be like with a full-grown buck).  Fortunately, my parent's wisdom prevailed, and we did not come home with a goat that day.

Eve & Sally

But just look at these irresistible kids!  Eve and Shawn handled their babies with great confidence.  

Shawn & Travis

Watching them gave Amabel and Ellen the courage to hold the kids (with a little help!).  My girls didn't ask to bring one home. . . but maybe in a few years?

Amie & Sally

And here is Shawn and Eve's baby brother, Abner—all smiles after his nap.  Such shining eyes!

Baby A

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