Saturday, March 17, 2012


Pussy Willows: Close

Pussy Willows are one of my favorite spring gifts.  Last April we found them in the city and since then I've learned to keep my eye out for them in unexpected places.  

Pussy Willows

Last night on a bike ride, I caught sight of the fuzzy buds illuminated by evening light along a trail.  Because of the winter storm two weeks ago there were many broken limbs along our route.  I gathered a bunch and Ellen, riding behind Jeffrey in the bike seat, took good care of her "little kitties" on the way home.

This afternoon, I brought them upstairs to catch the evening light again - coming in through our window this time.  I love how photography has increased my awareness of the light.  I notice it now in ways I never did before I started using a camera.  I notice how it changes throughout the day . . . and the seasons.  I notice how the same object can look so different according to the quality of light around it.

Spring brings the return of the light.  And the Pussy Willows.  This is my favorite season.

Pussy Willows in the Evening Light

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