Sunday, March 11, 2012



This is a milkweed flower, blooming on July 8th last year - a photograph taken the first evening we spent exploring around our new home.  That summer season of verdant growth seems so far away at this moment, as I look outside at the barren branches and feel the frozen earth underneath my feet.  Today we sit inside and sketch out our plans for gardens; we prepare a journal for the coming months; we walk around outside, envisioning where all our carefully selected seeds will be planted.

And yet, let us not forget the unexpected beauties that will grow up amongst everything we plan and place.  And let us not forget how sometimes these "volunteers," as my Dad used to call them when I was young, are the best gifts of all.  This is the balance I seek as a gardener and a mother: to cultivate the flowers we hold in our hearts as well as their wild sisters and brothers - the flowers we have no names for, the flowers we have not imagined just yet.

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