Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Copper Hues

I'm coming out of hibernation today to tell you about this beach.  This beach!  My parents walked here the summer they met (almost 42 years ago?).  Jeffrey and I walked here the summer we met (almost 14 years ago).  It is one of my very favorite places.  This is national park land, but because of our history here, it has always felt like this beach belongs to us.

Entry to our Beach

To walk on the beach without snow and ice in February is highly unusual.  The girls were skeptical when I told them where we were going this afternoon.  Ellen asked to get her blue and red polka-dot bathing suit out of her dresser.  "No," I said, smiling, "we are going to put on our snowpants."  

"There's no snow, mama."

"Yes, but it will be cold."  The wind was cold, but the heat of the sun balanced out the chill in the wind, and it turned out to be a perfect day to walk (and crawl) along the shore.

No Ice!

Grandmommy Love

The colors were breathtaking.  Is this February?  You wouldn't know it from the pictures, if it weren't for the down jackets!

Washed Out


And the dune grass: we took an arm-load home.  Grandfather carried it all the way back to the car.  I put it up on the mantel, where it will stand until spring, reminding me of this glorious afternoon on our beach.

Windy Bluffs

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