Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Rose Hips
The wind is howling around our house this morning, bringing more snow and ice.  I remember the first night last fall I was awoken by the incredible whooshing, humming sound.  I couldn't fall back asleep for the longest time, wondering: will it be like this all winter up on our hill?  It has indeed been a blustery season, but I've grown used to the sound; whereas it once kept me awake, the wind now lulls me to sleep.

I wanted to walk outside in the elements this morning with the camera.  But once I stepped outdoors, the sleety rain was too much.  I only made it a couple of feet past the back door to admire these weather beaten rose hips before I knew it would be unwise to venture out any further.  

We have big plans for this spot, where the rose hips grow.  We've been dreaming about our garden for months now.  Packages have been arriving, including one with 63 varieties of seeds!  Tomorrow we'll welcome March, the month in which we'll begin starting some of those seed babies inside, coaxing them to life.  I'm looking forward to writing about our gardening adventures this spring.  But until the sun comes back to warm the frozen earth, we will stay cozy inside, planning our garden, listening to the wind.

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