Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day

Snow Shovel

We've been waiting and waiting for a real storm, and finally today we awoke to some serious snow!  

White World

It was my favorite kind of snowfall - snow that came silently all night long and took us completely by surprise in the morning.  We went out sledding and exploring the world so different now in a deep cloak of white.


Enormous flocks of black birds have been feasting on the autumn olive berries around our house.  It is such a striking sight to see them lift up from the bushes all at once - black shapes against the winter white.  I've tried to capture them multiple times on camera; but they are much too quick for me.  I went looking for the berries that were plentiful just weeks ago and found only a few remaining.  What will the birds eat, I wonder, when they have finished off the rest? 

Remaining Berries

Today was just what I needed: no school, no meeting, no field trip. . .  I could have stayed outside all afternoon, tromping through the quiet meadow, listing to Amabel happily making a snow cave in the mountain left behind by the plow.

Looking In

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