Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Pants

Little J

This is Amabel and Ellen's adorable little cousin Julien.  We spent some joyful days together while he and my brother and sister-in-law were up visiting from New Orleans for the holidays.

Knit Pants

Last spring I started to knit Julien a pair of pants, which I thought were going to be a gift for his first birthday in July.  Then all the knitting supplies were packed up, a second skein of gray yarn mysteriously disappeared, and the pants were put on hold.  When I picked them back up in November, I thought he would have grown out of them for sure.  

In Motion

But as it turned out, they fit perfectly and perhaps even better now that he is walking . . . or should I say running . . . about!  Thankfully his mama and papa let me follow him around for a half-an-hour, trying to get a few pictures of the baby pants.  It was very gratifying to knit something useful for such an appreciative little guy!

At Play

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