Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Amabellen?

Why compartmentalize our lives so that art is a thing apart? There is an artistic way to carry out even the simplest task, and there is great fulfillment to be had from finding our way . . . Laurel Robertson
My daughters - Amabel and Ellen - help to remind me that I am the artist of our daily lives.  They inspire me to see beauty in familiar places and to keep telling our family stories.  I like to think of my blog posts as little sketches: sharing them here reminds me to see my role as both a mother and an artist in our home.


About the Author

I have always loved to write, and I especially love to write about what is dearest to me.  When I started this blog after Ellen was born in early 2009, it soon became a wonderful outlet for me as both a mother and a writer.  Over time I have also become more intentional with my photography.  My husband Jeffrey helps me with the design of the blog and acts as my editor, image consultant, and closest friend.  I am also a part-time freelance writer and editor, working for various individuals and organizations across the country.  Our family is ever grateful to live within view of Lake Michigan.
I appreciate very much your interest in my blog.  I love hearing feedback from my readers, so please feel free to email if you would like to be in touch: zanekathryne(at)gmail(dot)com.